Israel and the Palestinians

Israeli Policy Options

Mark A. Heller, Rosemary Hollis
Release Date: April 1, 2005

This volume examines the policy options under serious consideration among Israelis for resolving or managing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. There has been no shortage of recent Israeli initiatives, official and unofficial, and the country is divided as to how best to deal with the Palestinians. Chatham House commissioned five papers by Israeli analysts, each with great experience and expertise in Israeli politics and public opinion. The papers examine five separate options that stretch across the spectrum of Israeli opinion, and each advocates an alternative way forward.

Israel and the Palestinians will help sharpen the debate in Israel about the costs and benefits of the alternative political options. It will also be of great interest to international policymakers and commentators on the Middle East.

Contributors include Uzi Arad (Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya), Orit Gal (Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Economic Cooperation Foundation, Tel Aviv), Israel Harel (Israel Institute of Jewish Leadership and Strategy, Ha-aretz newspaper, and Nekuda journal), David Kimche (Hebrew University Board of Governors and International Alliance for Arab-Israeli Peace), Joel Peters (Centre for the Study of European Politics and Society), and Dan Schueftan (National Security Studies Center, University of Haifa).