International Investment and Climate Change

Energy Technologies for Developing Countries

Tim Forsyth
Release Date: June 1, 1999

Tim Forsyth provides a groundbreaking study into the role of international investment in energy technologies to combat climate change. He focuses on developing country requirements in Southeast Asia, explaining how privatization, international investment, and rural electrification can be integrated to maximize environmental policy and benefit investors.

Forsyth examines the main barriers to private-sector investment and identifies the incentives and regulatory structures needed to accelerate investment without damaging local competitiveness. He shows that “technology transfer” is fundamentally a question of ownership of investment and describes the enormous potential in developing economies for local-level investment and public/private partnerships in environmental policy.

The book will be necessary reading for those concerned with global environmental politics and climate change negotiations, as well as with the implications for business and investment in technology transfer and energy technologies. Tim Forsyth is a fellow in Environment and Development at the Institute of Development Studies, Falmer, Sussex, UK.

Not available through Brookings in the UK and Europe