How to Build a New Iraq After Saddam

Patrick Clawson
Release Date: October 30, 2002

Whether changing the regime in Iraq is a worthwhile U.S. policy objective depends in no small part on what occurs in the aftermath of Saddam Hussein’s departure. This timely volume explores the most urgent challenges for policymakers in a near-term scenario. In addressing the problem of how to overcome the twenty-year legacy of brutality under Saddam’s rule, the authors present ideas for limiting the chaos and revenge-taking that are likely to follow Saddam’s overthrow, while examining the challenges that will arise for a new leadership attempting to ensure Iraqi social stability. This unique collection of analyses will be an important resource for anyone interested in building a more hopeful future for the people of Iraq.

Contributors include Ellen Laipson (president and CEO, Henry L. Stimson Center), Rend Rahim Francke (executive director, Iraq Foundation), Kamran Karadaghi (deputy director and chief editor, Radio Free Iraq), Michael Rubin (visiting scholar, American Enterprise Institute), Safwat Rashid Sidqi (cofounding member, Kurdistan Human Rights Organization), and Amatzia Baram (director, Jewish Arab Center and Gustav Heinemann Institute for Middle East Studies, University of Haifa).