Highlights from Education at a Glance 2010

Release Date: October 1, 2010

This book is based on the OECD’s annual compendium of education statistics, Education at a Glance. It provides concise and easily accessible data on key topics in education today, including:

  • Education levels and student numbers: How far have adults studied, and what access do young people have to education?
  • Economic and social benefits of education: How does education affect people’s job prospects, and what is its impact on incomes?
  • Paying for education: What share of public spending goes on education, and what is the role of private spending?
  • The school environment: How many hours do teachers work, and how does class size vary?

Each indicator is presented on a two-page spread that explains its significance, discusses the main findings and key trends, and provides a roadmap for finding out more in the OECD education databases and in other OECD education publications. Highlights from Education at a Glance 2010 is an ideal introduction to the OECD’s unrivaled collection of internationally comparative data on education and learning.