From Civil Strife to Civil Society

Civil and Military Responsibilities in Disrupted States

Charles Sampford, Ramesh Thakur, William Maley
Release Date: July 1, 2002

The 1990s saw the United Nations, the militaries of key member states, and nongovernmental organizations increasingly entangled in the complex affairs of disrupted states. Whether as deliverers of humanitarian assistance or as agents of political, social, and civic reconstruction, these actors have had to learn ways of interacting with each other in order to optimize the benefits for the populations they seek to assist. Yet the challenges created by conflicting organizational cultures, operating procedures, and priorities have proved daunting.

From Civil Strife to Civil Society explores the nature of these challenges. The book offers a rigorous examination of the dimensions of state disruption and the roles of the international community in responding to it, looks at military doctrine for dealing with disorder and humanitarian emergencies, and examines mechanisms for ending violence and delivering justice in post-conflict times. The authors also investigate the problems of rebuilding trust and promoting democracy; while reestablishing the rule of law and social and civil order.