Engagement through Disengagement

Gaza and the Potential for Renewed Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking

David Makovsky
Release Date: May 1, 2005

Momentous changes in Palestinian leadership coupled with bold new Israeli policies make 2005 a signal year for U.S. policy on the peace process and related issues. The stakes have rarely been higher, and failure or inaction will carry severe consequences. David Makovsky, director of The Washington Institute’s Project on the Middle East Peace Process, discusses the various steps that President Bush can take to capitalize on the planned Israeli withdrawal from Gaza and reaffirm faith in peacemaking. In particular, he focuses on efforts to ensure a viable ceasefire, confront rejectionists, reactivate the Roadmap, coordinate an orderly withdrawal, craft sound economic policies for Gaza, and urge Arab states to support both Palestinians and the peace process. Success on these fronts would shatter Israeli taboos entrenched since 1967 and embolden moderates on all sides. Includes extensive appendices with detailed maps and key documents related to Gaza, the West Bank, and the peace process.