Corporate-NGO Partnership in Asia Pacific

Kim Gould Ashizawa, Tadashi Yamamoto
Release Date: September 1, 1999

Today, many corporations in Asia Pacific are seeking a new pattern for their philanthropic activities and have begun to increase their engagement in communities by working with nongovernmental organizations. NGOs in the region also are actively pursuing partnerships with corporations as they attempt to meet heightened expectations for the nonprofit sector to play a larger role in the welfare of society.

This book examines several phenomena in the Asia Pacific region that have encouraged the formation of cross-sectoral partnerships-the evolution of civil society, changing corporate attitudes toward philanthropy and social responsibility, the impact of the financial crisis, and constraints on the public sector’s ability to meet demands for social development. The ten case studies offer new perspectives on the rationale for forging links between the corporate and nonprofit sectors, and, in many cases, with the public sector as well. The experiences described in this book provide a unique and insightful look at the requirements of successful partnerships and the challenges that lie ahead.