Child Labour: Targeting the Intolerable

Release Date: February 1, 1997

The world community is calling for an end to the intolerable: the persistent exploitation of children in slave-like and bonded conditions, hazardous and arduous work, prostitution, pornography, and other unspeakable situations. Child Labour: Targeting the Intolerable chronicles the exploitation and abuse of working children, surveys international and national law and practice, and points the way toward effective practical action to eliminate such exploitation and abuse.

Drawing on ILO action against child labor, including the experience of the ILO’s International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour, the book details legal and practical measures aimed at removing children from debt bondage, prostitution, and hazardous occupations and activities. This timely book will be invaluable to all individuals and organizations campaigning for the ban and the immediate removal of children working in hazardous occupations.