Action Against Child Labour

Michele Jankanish, Nelien Haspels
Release Date: May 1, 2000

Comprehensive and timely, this essential book provides a wealth of practical information on planning and carrying out action against child labor. Offering an array of effective strategies, instruments, methodologies, and information, it stresses a multi-pronged approach to combating child labor on several fronts: economic, educational, social, and cultural. It provides striking examples of effective legislation, policies, programs, and projects, and offers step-by-step guidelines for their precise implementation. Action Against Child Labor examines in depth the vital functions of national policies and programs against child labor, while providing valuable insight on developing and improving existing policy, setting priorities for action, capacity building, and creating social alliances. In addition, it spotlights ways to improve the knowledge base on child labor, provides technical and practical guidelines for designing and conducting surveys, and offers insights on obtaining information on children. Compiled by an array of child labor experts, this invaluable resource will help governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and NGOs contribute to eliminating child labor.