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Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects

Edited by Nancy Pindus, Howard Wial, and Harold Wolman

Urban and Regional Policy and Its Effects, the third in a series, sets out to inform policymakers, practitioners, and scholars about the effectiveness of select policy approaches, reforms, and experiments in addressing key social and economic problems facing cities, suburbs, and metropolitan areas. The chapters analyze responses to five key policy challenges that most metropolitan areas and local communities face:

• Creating quality neighborhoods for families
• Governing effectively
• Building human capital
• Growing the middle class
• Enlarging a competitive economy through industry-based strategies
• Managing the spatial pattern of metropolitan growth and development

Each chapter discusses a specific topic under one of these challenges. The authors present the essence of what is known, as well as its likely applications, and identify the knowledge gaps that need to be filled for the successful formulation and implementation of urban and regional policy.

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