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Global Governance

Enhancing Trilateral Cooperation

By Trilateral Commission

The tragic events of 9/11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have driven fundamental changes in global governance and international relations. Reporting on the 2003 plenary meeting of the Trilateral Commission, this publication compiles participants’ insights on eight topics relevant to these changes. Four of the topics are related to moves towards regional integration in Pacific Asia; four address broader governance issues at the global level. The contributors propose various methods of strengthening trilateral cooperation between Europe, North America, and Pacific Asia. The topics are: Towards a New Pacific Asia Regional Order The Sociopolitical and Economic Agenda of South Korea The Rise of China and its Global Implications Japan’s Domestic and International Agenda Prospects for Pacific Asian Integration Rebuilding Trilateral Cooperation Building Consensus for the Doha Round Relations Between the European Union and the United States New Security Challenges in East Asia Restructuring the International Order After the War in Iraq Contributors include Roh Moo-hyun (president, Republic of Korea), Hong Seok Hyun (JoongAng Ilbo), SaKong Il (Institute for Global Economics), Wang Jisi (Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Heinrich Weiss (SMS Aktiengesellschaft), Wendy K. Dobson (University of Toronto), Keizo Takemi (House of Councillors, Japan), Yasuhisa Shiozaki (House of Representatives, Japan), Jesus P. Estanislao (Institute of Corporate Directors and Institute for Solidarity in Asia), Wang Gungwu (East Asian Institute, University of Singapore), Carla A. Hills (Hills & Co., former U.S. Trade Representative), Peter Sutherland, former director-general, World Trade Organization), Han Sung-Joo (ambassador to the United States, Republic of Korea), Stephen W. Bosworth (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, former U.S. ambassador to the Republic of Korea), Jacques Andrèani (former French ambassador to the United States), Thomas S. Foley (former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives; former U.S. Ambassador to Japan), and Akihiko Tanaka (University of Tokyo).

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