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Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services: 2002

Edited by Robert E. Litan and Richard J. Herring

This annual series from the Brookings Institution and the Financial Institutions Center at the Wharton School provides timely and insightful analyses of the financial services industry. Contents: The Future of Securities Exchanges
Ruben Lee The Structure of the U.S. Equity Markets Marshall E. Blume Changes in the Ownership and Governance of Securities Exchanges: Causes and Consequences Benn Steil Wall Street’s Credibility Problem: Misaligned Incentives and Dubious Fixes? Leslie Boni and Kent L. Womack The Immediacy Implications of Exchange Organization James T. Moser The Future of Stock Exchanges in Emerging Economies: Evolution and Prospects Stijn Claessens, Daniela Kingebiel, and Sergio L. Schmukler ISDA, NASD, CFMA, and SDNY: The Four Horsemen of Derivatives Regulation? Frank Partnoy The Future of the Foreign Exchange Market Richard K. Lyons The Future of the New Issues Market Jay R. Ritter Implications of Auction Theory for New Issues Markets Lawrence M. Asubel

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