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Brookings Trade Forum: 2000

Edited by Susan M. Collins and Dani Rodrik

This annual series provides comprehensive analysis on current and emerging issues of international trade and macroeconomics. Practitioners and academics contribute to each volume, with papers that provide an in-depth look at a particular topic. The third edition focuses on policy challenges for the next millennium. Contents include: “Fixing for Your Life” Guillermo Calvo and Carmen Reinhart (University of Maryland) “Verifiability and the Vanishing Intermediate Exchange Rate Regime” Jeffrey Frankel (Harvard University), Sergio Schmukler, and Luis Servén (World Bank) “Short- and Long-Run Integration: Do Capital Controls Matter?” Graciela Kaminsky (George Washington University) and Sergio Schmukler (World Bank) “The Role and Effectiveness of the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism” John H. Jackson (Georgetown University) “Regulatory Protectionism, Developing Nations, and a Two-Tier World Trade System” Richard E. Baldwin (Graduate Institute of International Studies) “Trade Policy: What’s Next?” W. Bowman Cutter (Warburg Pincus), Richard Haass (Brookings Institution), and Daniel Tarullo (Georgetown University)

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