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Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 2001:2

Edited by William C. Brainard and George L. Perry

For almost thirty years, Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (BPEA) has provided academic and business economists, government officials, and members of the financial and business communities with timely research of current economic issues. BPEA 2: 2001

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Contents include:

  • Why Doesn’t the United States Have a European-Style Welfare State? Alberto Alesina and Edward Glaeser (Harvard University) and Bruce Sacerdote (Dartmouth College)
  • From Reunification to Economic Integration: Productivity and the Labor Market in Eastern Germany Michael C. Burda (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Jennifer Hunt (University of Montreal)
  • The Great Recession: Lessons for Macroeconomic Policy from Japan Kenneth N. Kuttner (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) and Adam S. Posen (Institute for International Economics)
  • The Consumption Risk of the Stock Market Jonathan A. Parker (Princeton University)

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