Why Housing and Land Use Matter for New Jersey’s Toughest Challenges

Bruce Katz and
Bruce Katz Founding Director of the Nowak Metro Finance Lab - Drexel University
Robert Puentes
Robert Puentes Vice President and Director - Brookings Metro

May 2, 2006

During the annual meeting of the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Bruce Katz provided the opening plenary address with a speech co-authored by Robert Puentes. The speech argues that New Jersey faces the toughest housing challenges of any in state in the nation. These challenges, they contend, are due to three interrelated factors—price, production, and location—and are threatening the state’s competitiveness, exacerbating disparities, and facilitating sprawling development patterns. The authors lay out a broad statewide policy agenda that focuses principally on housing in order to enhance the economic prosperity of New Jersey’s people and places.

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