Treasury Secretary Lew on China, Greece, Dodd Frank and more

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew was at the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy today. Here are some excerpts about what he had to say:

On the $10 bill, Secretary Lew gave little hint that he is reconsidering a decision to put a woman on the bill along with Alexander Hamilton.

In light of recent disturbances in the Chinese stock market, Secretary Lew said that “China’s markets are still pretty much separated from world markets,” so there is no “direct linkage” that could influence the U.S.

As European negotiators continue to try to reach agreement on Greece, Secretary Lew warned that the risks of not striking a deal could be large, though he does not believe there would be an “immediate impact” on the United States.

Speaking about the fifth anniversary of Dodd Frank, he warned against getting complacent and easing regulations as the memories of the crisis fade.