The New Orleans Index

In the six years following Hurricane Katrina — a tragedy made more complex by the Great Recession and the Gulf oil spill — the New Orleans metro has continued on a trajectory of recovery that suggests both areas of positive change and remaining challenges. The New Orleans Index at Six provides the most up–to–date data on New Orleans’ transition from recovery to transformation.

For the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Katrina, Brookings Institution Press is releasing an edited volume entitled Resilience and Opportunity: Lessons from the U.S. Gulf Coast after Katrina and Rita. This volume combines the essays published as part of The New Orleans Index at Five collection along with additional essays covering a larger number of post-Katrina reform efforts, including Mississippi reforms. Thus, the volume captures and immortalizes many of the important efforts undertaken over the last six years along the Gulf Coast. In a related blogpost, Amy Liu highlights the region’s progress and what areas around the world can learn from the responses across the Gulf Coast.

However, with the New Orleans Index at Six, the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center took on the publication as a solo effort.

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