The impact of COVID-19 on industries without smokestacks in Uganda

KABALAGALA, UGANDA - APRIL 13, 2017: Tank Hill Road This is the outdoor area of the Paradiso restaurant on Tank Hill Road in Kabalagala. Kabalagala is a small town in the Kampala area of Uganda.


In Uganda, the spread of COVID-19 and its economic impacts gained momentum in March 2020 when the country’s first case was reported. By March 30, the government of Uganda had declared a nationwide lockdown in addition to other critical measures to minimize its spread.

The impacts of the virus itself together with government initiatives to control its spread have been felt in the political, social, and economic spheres of life of the country. Simply put, there have been losers and winners as the pandemic took its toll on the economy.

This brief examines the potential economic impact of COVID-19 on Uganda’s industries without smokestacks as a follow-up on the previous work undertaken in the same sectors prior to the pandemic. The aim is to ascertain whether the recommendations made prior to the pandemic are still relevant.

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