The G-Cubed (Agriculture) Model: A Tool for Analyzing U.S. Agriculture in a Globalizing World

Warwick J. McKibbin and
Warwick McKibbin
Warwick J. McKibbin Former expert - Economic Studies, Center on Regulation and Markets, Distinguished Professor of Economics & Public Policy - Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University

Zhi Wang
Zhi Wang Professor and Director - Research Center of Global Value Chains, University of International Business and Economics (Beijing)

June 1, 1998


This paper describes the major features and structure of the G-Cubed (Agriculture) multi-country, multi-sector intertemporal general equilibrium model. It is an extension and a variation of the G-Cubed model developed by Warwick McKibbin and Peter Wilcoxen to include relatively detailed agricultural sectors and a country dis-aggregation relevant for key US agricultural markets. The paper is intended to accompany the documentation of the G-Cubed model provided by McKibbin and Wilcoxen (1995). Other background papers on the model can be found at