How to address issues of racial equity and justice | The TechTank Podcast

Monday, July 3, 2023

  • Systemic inequities continue to plague the United States in housing, education, employment, broadband access, and wealth, among other areas.
  • Brookings is in the early stages of launching new innovation in public policies that will end discrimination, racism, and exclusion while working to lift up and improve the well-being of all communities.
diverse young people work together

Systemic inequality remains a pressing issue in our society, affecting various aspects of American life, including housing, education, employment, broadband access, and wealth distribution. Alarming statistics show that one-in-five Black and Hispanic adults report unfair treatment based on race when seeking healthcare. Another report on data from the Federal Reserve shows that African Americans own only a fraction of the median wealth compared to their white counterparts. Recognizing the urgency of addressing these disparities, Brookings is preparing to launch a new Center for Community Uplift (CCU) that aims to foster national conversations and drive meaningful change. 

The Center signifies a significant step forward in the pursuit of racial equity and the dismantling of systemic barriers. Through solution-driven research, policy analysis, and the amplification of grassroots momentum, it aims to address the unique challenges faced by communities across the United States. By engaging in constructive conversations and challenging existing disparities, we can work together to build a future where racial and economic stratification no longer divide our nation. 

On this episode of the TechTank podcast, co-host Darrell M. West engages in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Camille Busette, the interim vice president of Governance Studies and Dr. Andre Perry, a senior fellow in the Metro program and director of the Valuing Black Assets Initiative at Brookings. As project co-leads, these esteemed researchers will share their plans for the new Center and why they believe it will help us address issues of racial equity and justice.  

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