Sextortion: The new cyber crime

Benjamin Wittes, a senior fellow in Governance Studies and co-founder and editor-in-chief of The LawFare Blog, is co-author of a new study, “Sextortion: Cyber Security, Teenagers, & Remote Sexual Assault“; and a legislative proposal to close the sextortion sentencing gap.

In the podcast, Wittes explains the crime itself; the importance of cyber security and how teens and parents can protect themselves online. “Teenager cyber security hygiene actually matters a great deal,” Wittes says. “It just matters a great deal to protect values and goods that the cyber security community has not traditionally focused on.”

Also in this podcast: meet Alaina Harkness, a fellow for the Project on 21st Century City Governance, part of the Centennial Scholar Initiative. Also stay up-to-date about a potential “Brexit” from the EU with some highlights from our Brookings event “Brexit – in or out? Implications of the United Kingdom’s referendum on EU membership.”

Show Notes

• Sextortion: Cyber Security, Teenagers, & Remote Sexual Assault
• Closing the Sextortion Sentencing Gap: A Legislative Proposal
• Justice Department Report : “National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction”
• The LawFare Blog

Thanks to audio engineer and producer Zack Kulzer, with editing help from Mark Hoelscher, plus thanks to Carissa Nietsche, Bill Finan, Jessica Pavone, Eric Abalahin, Rebecca Viser, Brionne Smith, and our intern Sara Abdel-Rahim.

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