Remedies Brief of Amici Curiae for U.S.A. v. Microsoft


Each of the signatories of this brief is a professional economist with special interest and expertise in the matter now before the Court, namely the design of an appropriate remedy to address Microsoft?s antitrust violations. The signatories are filing this submission in their own personal capacities and not on behalf of the institutions with which they are currently affiliated or employed. They are submitting their views because they believe they can assist the Court in fashioning this remedy. None of the signatories has been employed by or retained as consultant for Microsoft, the federal or state governments or any other interested party in this litigation.

Collectively, the signatories to this brief have had extensive experience with various facets of industrial reorganization that we believe are relevant to the Court?s remedy determination in this case. We have worked on and studied extensively a wide range of government interventions, including deregulation (in airlines, the financial sector, electricity and telecommunications); structural relief in antitrust cases; privatization (the electric power industry); demonopolization and marketization in formerly state-run economies (including the former Soviet Union and East Germany), and foreign trade cases (including tariff and quota relief and structural adjustment).