Macron’s election and the European project

Macron, head of the political movement En Marche !, or Onwards !, and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, attends a campaign rally in Marseille

Visiting Fellow Philippe Le Corre and Robert Bosch Senior Fellow Constanze Stelzenmüller with the Center on the U.S. and Europe at Brookings discuss Emmanuel Macron’s victory in France’s presidential election, upcoming elections in the UK and Germany, and the need to reboot the European project.

Show notes: 

Challenges awaiting Macron in his first 50 days

Fueling populism: Globalization’s discontents in the U.S. and Europe

The French and German elections and post-election America

The comeback of Angela Merkel

A “European Spring” in the making?

With thanks to audio producer Gaston Reboredo and producer Vanessa Sauter, and also thanks for additional support from Fred Dews and Richard Fawal.

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