G-20 Summit: Recovering from the Crisis

September 17, 2009

As the outlook for the world economy has improved since the London Summit last April, the G-20 leaders will meet again in Pittsburgh on September 24. There is the prospect of financial and economic recovery—albeit fragile—and the question is how to ensure that it is sustainable. While it is too early to withdraw the substantial fiscal stimulus and monetary easing, the task that G-20 leaders have to confront now is one of coordinating the composition and timing of their policies so that the world economy progressively gains in strength while the long-run health of public finances does not threaten the recovery process.

To enhance global coordination and to implement effective financial recovery policies, Brookings experts provide recommendations on how the G-20 can overcome current global governance and economic challenges.

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The G-20 and the World Economy: Sink or Swim

Eswar Prasad recommends that the G-20 maintain momentum on reforming the international institutions and advance international regulatory reform for the betterment of the overall global economy.

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Confronting the Protectionism Spawned by the Crisis

Chad P. Bown makes the case for re-affirming the G-20 economies’ commitment to the World Trade Organization and curbing trade-restricting policies created by the crisis.

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The G-20 and IMF: Their Future Roles in the International Monetary System

Domenico Lombardi proposes that the G-20 should focus on supporting effective measures to reform the International Monetary Fund.

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To the G-20: Don’t Overlook Africa During the Recovery

Ernest Aryeetey, Mwangi Kimenyi and John Page assess the impact of the financial crisis on Africa and urge the G-20 leaders to support African economic recovery and growth.

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Welcome to the New Era of G-20 Global Leadership

Colin Bradford and Johannes Linn assess the effectiveness of the G-20 summits and how to move the G-20 forward as the global steering body.

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International Financial Redesign: A Latin American Perspective

Mauricio Cárdenas calls for international financial regulatory reform in order to address Latin America’s need for greater financial development and to prevent future crises.

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The G-20 and Climate Change: Achieving Comparable Effort Through a Carbon Price Collar

Warwick McKibbin, Adele Morris and Peter Wilcoxen propose G-20 leaders to focus on the challenges associated with climate change negotiations leading up to the United Nations climate conference in December.

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