China’s Role in the World: Is China a Responsible Stakeholder?

Erica S. Downs
Erica S. Downs Former Brookings Expert

August 4, 2006

Let me begin by saying thank you to the members of the Commission for the opportunity to testify. It is an honor to participate in this hearing.

I have been asked to speak about China’s energy requirements and policies. I am going to focus my remarks today to oil. Oil is currently the only fuel which China imports in substantial quantities and, consequently, it is the fuel that has had the largest impact on China’s international behavior in recent years.

My testimony today will briefly address several issues:

  • First, I will discuss China’s energy demand, domestic supply and imports.
  • Second, I will examine some of the measures China is taking to ensure its oil requirements are met.
  • Third, I will address some of the implications of these measures for the United States.