Brookings Today, 6/23/14

A roundup of some of the content published today by Brookings.

  • Future of oil production in Iraq. Kenneth M. Pollack predicts the effect of Iraq’s security situation on the country’s oil production, suggesting a potential production decline in the long term depending on various factors.

  • Partisanship as a threat to federal management. Thomas E. Mann describes IRS Commissioner John Koskinen’s appearance at a hearing of the House Ways and Means Committee and the partisan politics that threaten effective public management.

  • Potential benefits of private airport competition. Clifford Winston and Jia Yan ask whether private airport competition could lead to more efficient pricing that benefits travelers, airports, and airlines alike.

  • The role of character in politics. Richard V. Reeves looks at the role of character in the politics of social mobility.

  • The rise of Khalifa Hifter in Libya. Ibrahim Sharqieh discusses the implications of Libya’s “fair dictator” General Khalifa Hifter in the broader context of the insecurity facing the country.

  • Requirements of bank liquidity. Douglas J. Elliot studies requirements of bank liquidity in light of regulatory reforms and global responses to the recent financial crisis.

  • The Supreme Court decides on EPA regulations. Philip A. Wallach assesses the implications of the Supreme Court’s ruling on EPA regulations.

Elina Saxena contributed to this post.