Brookings Scholars on Affordable Care Act Implementation

State and federal health care insurance exchanges went on line across the country on October 1. Brookings Now blog followed what Brookings scholars were saying on the first days. Visit our health care topic page to get the latest from Brookings scholars on health care issues and implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

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12:32 pm: Kavita Patel was on Chris Hayes’ show last night to discuss ACA implementation (a commercial will play first):


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9:55 am: Joanna Venator and Richard Reeves say that “the policy goal of the Affordable Care Act—high quality, affordable health care—is vitally important, not only in itself, but also for social mobility.”

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1:59 pm: There will be glitches: “When you’re dealing with tens of millions of new clients, mistakes are inevitable,” said Henry Aaron, “you’re going to have thousands of mistakes.”

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1:33 pm: Larry Kocot: October 1 “much ado about nothing. … The real crunch time happens toward the end of the enrollment period, prior to benefits starting.”

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11:47 am: Henry Aaron and Kevin Lucida say the health insurance exchanges “may well fulfill the health reform dreams of both” liberals and conservatives.

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4:41 pm: Kavita Patel: “The big question everyone is asking is: ‘Will it increase the premiums?‘ If you are being dropped by your employer and you are going into the exchanges, it depends on how much much money you are making. In New York, for instance, the rate in the exchange is cheaper than the group markets.”

3:44 pm: Kavita Patel and Darshak Sanghavi answer ten questions about Obamacare that you were afraid to ask.

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