Brookings Data Now: What Car Was Most Popular in Cash for Clunkers Program?

In this edition of Brookings Data Now, featuring the number “9”: U.S. trade in North America; China’s electronic chip industry; U.S. metro areas contribute most to national GDP; most “cash for clunkers” vehicles were _____ (?); a tangible effect of the government shutdown.


Percentage of North American trade in U.S. total global trade

U.S. trade with Canada amounts to over $505 billion, and with Mexico, nearly $380 billion.

$9.87 billion



Electronic chip design revenue to companies in China in 2012

China is a global leader in the semi-conductor industry; it’s 2012 revenue is over 14 times that of 2003.


Percentage of U.S. GDP generated by U.S. metropolitan areas

America’s 388 metropolitan areas are home to 84% of the population and generate 91% of U.S. GDP.


Number aircraft accident investigations halted during government shutdown

Because of furloughs as the NTSB, investigations were halted, in addition to many other activities.


About one-fifth of cars traded in under the “Cash for Clunkers” program were Toyotas

Only 2 percent were Volkswagens, and less than a tenth of a percent were Volvos.

Colleen Lineweaver contributed to this post.