Brookings Data Now: Some STEM Jobs Open 50 Days on Average

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: STEM jobs remain open for more time on average than other job openings; China’s growth rate is not replenishing; Syrian refugee children lack access to education; millions of children could attend school next fall.


The average number of days that STEM job advertisements requiring a Ph.D. or other professional degree remain open

Job postings for non-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics openings last 33 days on average.


Children per couple on average in China

This estimated negative population growth rate combined with the fact that China’s economic growth rate is more than 30 percent less than the average for the preceding decade could transform the nature of capitalism within the country.

$86 million

Amount required by Jordan’s education ministry and NGOs to allow all Syrian refugee children to have access to school

To date, there are about 600,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan.

58 million

Number of out-of-school children who have the opportunity to start back to school in the fall

In Pakistan 14 million girls are married off and forced out of education every year.

Elina Saxena contributed to this post.