Brookings Data Now: In Yemen, 91% of Children Are Not Learning in Primary School

In this edition of Brookings Data Now: lack of learning in Yemen; EITC and workers; rising inequality in post-secondary education; China’s massive investment in Africa; college adjuncts and a living wage.



Over nine in 10 schoolchildren in Yemen are not learning in primary school

The problem of education is not just access, but also what children are learning. The Arab World Learning Barometer explores the overall quality of education in the Arab region.

6.1 million


Number of workers who are childless or noncustodial parents who claimed EITC in tax year 2012

More than 26 million taxpayers claimed EITC that year, but the value of and eligibility for EITC are more restricted for these 6.1 million workers.


Percent of students in lowest socioeconomic quartile who earned a bachelor’s degree over a ten year span

8.2 percent of them earned associate’s degrees. These students were followed from their sophomore year in high school in 2002 until 2012. Over the same period, 61 percent of students in the top quartile earned a four-year degree.

$3.17 billion

Value of China’s investment in Africa in 2011

This grew from $210 million in 2000.


Percent of faculty at 4-year, non-profit private schools who are part-time employees

34 percent of instructional faculty are 4-year public institutions are part-timers; 90 percent of the same at for-profit, 4-year institutions are employed part-time.

Mingwei Ma contributed to this post.