Americans stuck on the sidelines

Boarded up and run down homes sit on a street in Muncie, Indiana, U.S., August 13, 2016. Picture taken August 13, 2016. TO MOVE WITH SPECIAL REPORT USA-INSECURITY/MUNCIE   REUTERS/Chris Bergin - TM3EC8E1EXH01

In this episode, Isabel Sawhill, Brookings senior fellow and author of  “The Forgotten Americans: An Economic Agenda for a Divided Nation,” and Andrew Yarrow, senior fellow at the Progressive Policy Institute and author of “Man Out: Men on The Sidelines of American Life” look at two different groups of Americans forgotten by policymakers or sidelined from the U.S. economy and society.  Sawhill and Yarrow examine the repercussions of growing disenfranchisement and skepticism among significant segments of the voting public, and offer policies to meet the needs of the working class and reengage men who find themselves on the margins of society.

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