A conversation with Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico

Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada speaks to gas and oil producers at a luncheon in Calgary, September 29, 2005. The Mexican President is in Calgary for the day before heading off to Vancouver. REUTERS/Patrick Price

On September 28, former President of Mexico Vicente Fox joined a select group of senior political leaders and global education experts to discuss the education crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this installment of the Leadership Dialogue Series—organized by the Center for Universal Education at Brookings, the World Bank, Senator Esteban Bullrich of Argentina, and global education expert Vikas Pota—the future of education after the pandemic was top of mind. President Fox emphasized the importance of seizing the opportunity to improve and innovate existing education systems across the globe.

During President Fox’s time in office (2000-06), his appreciation for the transformative power of education led to his support of innovative programs such as Enciclomedia, a tool that supplemented traditional classroom content with audio and video, and PROGRESA, a program that provided cash transfers to low-income households provided the school-aged children were enrolled and attending school. His passion for education and respect for educators was evident throughout his remarks, as he believes that education is an “activity that is [fulfilled] with love by those who teach” and he “cannot think of any other profession that will bring more satisfaction to us than educating.”

President Fox believes in leadership, which includes a strong vision and strategies to seek out and implement the best ideas to successfully address the effects of the pandemic. He stresses the importance of recognizing and valuing history “so that upon that, we build a better future.”

Watch President Fox’s opening remarks delivered during the Leadership Dialogue Series virtual roundtable below.