12 Days of Brookings

Mug and gloves sitting atop books

Brookings scholars publish an incredible number of books each year on a wide range of topics, including foreign policy, trade, taxes, and more. To celebrate some of these books during the holiday season, 12 scholars joined us in a video project we’re calling the 12 Days of Brookings. This project includes an Instagram book giveaway of all 12 books featured. Keep scrolling to learn how to enter the contest and win books.


Tanvi Madan: Fateful Triangle

Interested in the relationship between India, China, and the United States? Tanvi Madan’s book, Fateful Triangle, offers insights for both present and future policymakers as they tackle a fateful, and evolving, triangle that has regional and global implications.

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Tom Wheeler: From Gutenberg to Google

We’re living in an era of seemingly instant change, and it’s easy to think that today’s revolutions—in communications, business, and many areas of daily life—are unprecedented. But our ancestors at times were just as bewildered by rapid upheavals in what we now call “networks”—the physical links that bind any society together. In his book, From Gutenberg to Google, former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler discusses rapid changes from the Reformation to the Renaissance to the scientific revolutions—and where we go from here. This holiday season, get his book to help put today’s world-changing technological advances in perspective.

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Andre Perry: Know Your Price

“There’s nothing wrong with Black people that ending racism can’t solve.” In his book, Know Your Price, Andre Perry takes readers on a tour of six Black-majority cities whose assets and strengths are undervalued. Know Your Price demonstrates the worth of Black people’s intrinsic personal strengths, real property, and traditional institutions. These assets are a means of empowerment and, as Perry argues in this provocative and very personal book, are what we need to know and understand to build Black prosperity.

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Thomas Wright and Colin Kahl: Aftershocks

COVID-19 had a domino effect on countries around the world—rapidly bringing down systems that we rely on. To learn more about the impact of COVID on the world order, get Thomas Wright and Colin Kahl’s new book, Aftershocks: Pandemic Politics and the End of the Old International Order.

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Richard Reeves: Dream Hoarders

It’s okay to hoard books, but not dreams. But that is exactly what’s happening with a segment of the American middle class. In his book, Dream Hoarders, Richard Reeves explains how the upper middle class in the United States is leaving everyone else in the dust, why that is a problem, and what to do about it.

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Michael O’Hanlon: The Art of War in an Age of Peace

How should the United States respond to today’s security crises? In his new book, The Art of War in an Age of Peace, Michael O’Hanlon presents a well‑researched, ethically sound, and politically viable vision for American national security policy.

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David Wessel: Only the Rich Can Play

How do the rich keep getting richer? In his new book, Only the Rich Can Play, David Wessel tells the story of the creation of a massive tax break, in which political and economic elites attend to the care and feeding of the super-rich, and inequality compounds.

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Ryan Hass: Stronger

We’re used to seeing the headlines about China’s feats in the military, economic, and technological realms, but is China really going to overtake the United States as the world’s major superpower? In his book, Stronger, Ryan Hass answers this question and charts a path forward for the U.S.-China relationship.

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Molly Reynolds: Exceptions to the Rule

Among the conversations around congressional reform this year, filibuster reform was probably one of the most frequent topics. What should you know about this Senate rule? Molly Reynolds explains the history and politics of the filibuster in her book, Exceptions to the Rule.

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Bruce Jones: To Rule the Waves

In his new book, To Rule the Waves, Bruce Jones explains how trade and supply chains rely on the world’s oceans and how there is growing competition for these avenues. This holiday season, learn more about what’s really happening on our seas and what it means for the future of the world’s superpowers.

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Jon Rauch: The Constitution of Knowledge

The constitution makes for compelling reading but isn’t necessarily the most convenient gift to give during the holidays. Instead, get the Constitution of Knowledge: A Defense of Truth by Jonathan Rauch!

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Fiona Hill: There Is Nothing for You Here

Fiona Hill grew up in a world of terminal decay. The last of the local mines that she had grown up around had closed, businesses were shuttering, and despair was etched in the faces around her. When her father told her to leave her town, she listened. Eventually, she found herself at the highest echelons of the U.S. government. Read about her journey and why she believes that expanding opportunity is the only long-term hope for American democracy.

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