REUTERS/Christopher Aluka Berry - Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to the crowd at the conclusion of a presidential forum in Aiken, South Carolina December 12, 2015.


The real loser of the 2016 campaign is policy

March 16, 2016, Richard V. Reeves

There are, then, many losers in 2016. But perhaps the biggest loser of all is public policy. Policy used to matter quite a lot; the very term “policy platform” implied a solid structure, on which candidates would stand. Today, the strength of a candidate’s policy prescriptions and the strength of their political support seem unrelated. Or if there is a relationship, it is an inverse one. Trump provides the most vivid example of the sundering of policy from politics. But the policies of Sanders don’t come close to adding up either. Trump’s ideas are wacky – but Sanders’ are weak.