REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - A jogger runs past a worker clearing snow from a sidewalk near the U.S. Capitol in Washington March 17, 2014. A winter storm landed a final punch on the U.S. mid-Atlantic states on Monday just days before spring begins, dumping more than a foot (30 cm) of snow in some places, shutting schools and federal offices and cancelling flights. The winter storm shut down federal offices in the nation's capital, and dozens of schools in the area also remained closed.

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Government Executive's Jan/Feb Issue Focused on Government Personnel Issues

January 23, 2015, Ashley Gabriele and Grace Wallack

This month’s issue of Government Executive (subtitled Can’t Hire Can’t Fire) masterfully tackles the problems with America’s civil service system head on. In this post, Ashley Gabriele and Grace Wallack summarize the magazine's key points. 

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