Jul 22

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Burden of Debt: A Discussion with Rep. Paul Ryan

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  • Entitlements and Debt Reduction

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.): Entitlements are necessary and humane, but they''re unwieldy and bloat the national debt. His plan calls for reshaping these programs with an eye on debt reduction.

  • U.S. Grappling with Deficit and Debt

    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.): As the nation continues to grapple with a huge deficit and debt, what''s needed is an action plan that will lead the U.S. out of these tough times to a more certain economic future.

  • Economic Recovery Program

    Stuart Butler, Heritage Foundation: It''s time for change and a reexamination of the entitlements and promises that have been made to the American people.

  • Sustainable Fiscal Health

    William Gale: A sustainable approach for the nation''s fiscal health has to include both practical politics and sound economics.

    William G. Gale


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The federal deficit, already huge by any standard, is predicted to remain above $1 trillion throughout the next decade and beyond. Many experts estimate that, by 2020, the nation’s debt/GDP ratio will exceed 90 percent, a level widely perceived to increase the risk of a catastrophic financial event. Neither Congress nor the last two administrations have proposed serious plans to reduce the long-term deficit, although President Obama has appointed a bipartisan commission to make recommendations on how the deficit can be reduced.

On July 22, Brookings hosted Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), ranking member of the House Budget Committee, who has proposed what he calls “A Roadmap for America’s Future.” Ryan, who is also a member of the president’s deficit commission, summarized his plan and answered questions. His talk was followed by comments from budget experts representing diverse views on the changes in spending and taxes required to reduce the deficit.

After the presentations, panelists took questions from the audience. 

Download Jonathan Rauch's charts » (PDF)

Download Rep. Paul Ryan’s PowerPoint Presentation » (PDF)

Event Agenda

  • Welcome & Introduction

    • Center on Children & Families, " itemprop="jobTitle" /> Moderator: <a href="http://www.brookings.edu/experts/haskinsr.aspx">Ron Haskins</a>

      Senior Fellow and Co-Director, Center on Children & Families

  • Keynote Speaker

    • The Honorable Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.)

      Ranking Member, Committee on the Budget

      U.S. House of Representatives

  • Panel


July 22, 2010

9:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

The Brookings Institution

Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW


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