Mar 17

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Assessing the National Broadband Plan

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  • Data for Policymakers and Business

    Blair Levin, FCC Omnibus Broadband Initiative: The FCCs recommendations for a broadband plan include the data that policymakers and the business community need to make intelligent value judgments.

  • Broadband on Track for Its 2020 Benchmark

    Blair Levin, FCC Omnibus Broadband Initiative: The report presents data, pilot programs and a litany of solutions and suggestions that will help expand broadband and keep it on track to reach its 2020 benchmark.


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Congress charged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) last year with developing a national broadband plan designed to provide affordable and accessible broadband service. Among the stated goals of this mission was advancing the public interest in “consumer welfare, civic participation, public safety and homeland security, community development, health care delivery, energy independence and efficiency, education, worker training, private sector investment, entrepreneurial activity, job creation and economic growth, and other national purposes.”

On March 17, the Brookings Institution hosted a policy forum to assess the FCC’s plan and explore key questions, including: Does it achieve the objectives set forth by Congress? Does it advance the public interest? Does it provide affordable and accessible broadband? Blair Levin, who heads the FCC’s broadband initiative, discussed how the plan will modernize an important component of America’s infrastructure. Other experts evaluated ways to move forward.

Brookings Vice President Darrell West moderated the discussions.

Event Agenda

  • Moderator

  • Panel One

    • Blair Levin

      Executive Director

      FCC Omnibus Broadband Initiative

    • Erik Garr

      General Manager

      Federal Communications Commission

    • Carlos Kirjner

      Senior Advisor to the FCC Chairman

      Federal Communications Commission

    • Phoebe Yang

      General Counsel and Senior Advisor

      FCC Omnibus Broadband Initiative

  • Panel Two

    • Peter Stenberg

      Economic Research Service

      U.S. Department of Agriculture

    • Karen Mossberger

      Associate Professor of Public Administration

      University of Illinois at Chicago


March 17, 2010

1:30 PM - 3:00 PM EDT

The Brookings Institution

Falk Auditorium

1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW


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