Metropolitan Policy Program

Metropolitan Policy Program Experts and Staff

Program Leadership
Experts and Research Staff
Nonresident Experts
Communications Staff
Development, Finance, and Administration Staff

Program Leadership

Bruce Katz, Vice President and Co-Director, Metropolitan Policy Program;
The Adeline M. and Alfred I. Johnson Chair in Urban and Metropolitan Policy
Amy Liu, Senior Fellow and Co-Director
Alan Berube, Senior Fellow and Deputy Director
Joseph Rooney, Deputy Director
Jody Franklin, Chief of Staff

Experts and Research Staff

Scott Andes, Senior Policy Analyst
William H. Frey, Senior Fellow
Natalie Holmes, Senior Research Assistant
Alex Jones, Senior Policy/Research Assistant
Joseph Kane, Senior Policy/Research Assistant
Elizabeth Kneebone, Fellow
Siddharth Kulkarni, Senior Research Assistant
Robert E. Lang, Senior Fellow
Jessica A. Lee, Senior Policy Associate and Associate Fellow
Nick Marchio, Senior Research Assistant and Data Manager
Patricia Mulroy, Senior Fellow
Mark Muro, Senior Fellow and Policy Director
John Ng, Senior Research Assistant
Joseph Parilla, Senior Research Associate
Robert Puentes, Senior Fellow and Director of Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative
Martha Ross, Fellow
Jonathan Rothwell, Fellow
Devashree Saha, Senior Policy Associate and Associate Fellow
Richard Shearer, Senior Research Analyst and Senior Project Manager
Audrey Singer, Senior Fellow
Nicole Svajlenka, Research Analyst
Ross Tilchin, Senior Policy/Research Assistant
Adie Tomer, Fellow
Jesus Leal Trujillo, Senior Research Assistant
Jennifer S. Vey, Fellow and Co-director of the Robert and Anne Bass initiative on Innovation and Placemaking

Nonresident Experts

Scott Allard, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Andrew Altman, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Lynn Broaddus, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Greg Clark, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Emily DeRocco, Nonresident Fellow
Derek Douglas, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Anthony Downs, Nonresident Senior Fellow 
Ian Hathaway, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Dieter Laepple, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Christopher B. Leinberger, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Blair Levin, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Teresa Lynch, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Brad McDearman, Nonresident Fellow
Lew Milford, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Zachary Neal, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Jeremy Nowak, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Wolfgang Nowak, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Dan Reicher, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Francisco Sanchez, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Robin Snyderman, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Shalini Vajjhala, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Julie Wagner, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Robert Weissbourd, Nonresident Senior Fellow
Howard Wial, Nonresident Senior Fellow

Communications Staff

Allison Courtin, Communications Coordinator
Alec Friedhoff, Communications Officer & Associate Fellow
David Jackson, Senior Communications Advisor & Policy Analyst
Ellen Ochs, Director of Special Initiatives
Grace Palmer, Communications Advisor
Stephen Russ, Digital Media Specialist
Amelia Shister, Project Coordinator
Phoebe Silag, Associate Director of Communications
Karen Slachetka, Senior Events Manager

Development, Finance, and Administration Staff

Rachel Barker, Impact Manager
Toms Bernhards-Callahan, Development Assistant
Michelle Carter, Senior Program Coordinator
Elizabeth Cole, Senior Development Officer
Carolyn Gatz, Fellow and Director of Metro Engagement
Marek Gootman, Fellow and Director of Strategic Partnerships and Global Initiatives
Marikka Green, Senior Administrator, Office of the VP
Ania Howell, Director of Finance
Mariela Martinez, Senior Projects Manager, Global Cities Initiative
Ulreka Mitchell, Senior Financial and Administrative Manager
Heather Norgard, Senior Development Officer
Elizabeth Patterson, Program Coordinator
Steven Pearson, Senior Director of Development
Emily Perkins, Senior Development Officer
Taylor Stewart, Program Coordinator
Reda Urmanaviciute, Senior Budget Coordinator