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Guest Author

Nellie Liang

Undersecretary for Domestic Finance – United States Department of the Treasury, Former Senior Fellow – Economic Studies

Nellie Liang was the Miriam K. Carliner Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution prior to joining the Treasury Department as undersecretary for domestic finance in July 2021. Before joining Brookings, she served as the founding director of the Division of Financial Stability (2010-17), where she worked to integrate financial stability into the Board’s monetary policy and financial regulatory deliberations. She co-edited the book, First Responders: Inside the US Strategy for the 2007-09 Global Financial Crisis, with Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner, and Henry Paulson. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Maryland, and a B.A. in economics from the University of Notre Dame.

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