Custom Programs

The paradox inherent in meeting the imperative to “do more with less” and restricted funds for training and development is that this strategy fails to provide the workforce with the necessary skills to meet today’s challenges and canlead to loss of morale and often lower performance.

To better accommodate training and development needs in an era of austerity, Brookings Executive Education now provides several different delivery and pricing mechanisms. These mechanisms are intended to provide agencies with the high impact programming at a significant cost savings. These mechanisms include:

BEE with YOU
You can bring Brookings Executive Education (BEE) to your agency or facility anywhere in the world. BEE with YOU provides cutting-edge instruction on innovative leadership and management practices. It also allows your workforce the opportunity to learn from some of the best educators in the country and offers credit toward a degree or Certificate in Public Leadership. And you have the option of including course assessments to measure the impact of learning.

BEE is ready to assist you in your efforts to lead change in your organization with a unique technology we call ChangeCasting. This web-based video communication tool is a pathway for building trust and creating understanding in your organization by unlocking and accelerating organizational change. A number of agencies are using ChangeCasting, and receiving very positive feedback from agency leaders and organizational members.

Innovation Audits
In today’s fiscal climate, improved efficiency must come from innovation, particularly in the processes you manage and lead. Innovation drives productivity improvements and raises performance so you are able to accomplish more with less. BEE instructors will work with you to chart the hidden pathways to successful innovation and implementation. They will help you assess the processes your organization uses to introduce new services/products and the level of new knowledge being created. BEE will also assist you in evaluating the novelty of the innovation, in its experimentation and refinement, and how it’s being reduced to practice.