Brookings Metro is just absolutely indispensable to understanding the core dynamics that are reshaping American life in the 21st century.

Ron Brownstein, American journalist, political analyst, and author

Brookings Metro is the nation’s leading source of ideas and action to create more prosperous, just, and resilient communities. In pursuit of our mission to collaborate with local leaders to transform original insights into policy and practical solutions that scale nationally, we produce trusted, actionable research; apply it through regional engagements and national networks; and connect with policymakers at all levels to inform impact at scale. Using our world-class communications platform, we share stories of change and progress that can inform and inspire impact at scale.

Our work illuminates the drivers of prosperity, justice, and resilience for people and communities in the digital age. Our team includes experts on innovation, economic and workforce development, infrastructure, climate, placemaking, work and workers, and racial equity. Read more about our key Centers and Initiatives here.



In 2022, Brookings Metro celebrated its first 25 years of impact. Hear from our partners and collaborators about our work together over this period and about our vision for the next 25 years.

Our values

Brookings Metro is guided by our core values: real world impact, a just society, diverse voices, a culture of collaboration in our workplace and communities, and a commitment to learning. Our team represents diverse races, genders, experiences, and perspectives, and we aim to reflect the same in our research and networks.

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