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A voter leaves a polling site after casting a ballot in the Massachusetts Primary Election in Somerville.

Myths about the 2018 midterm elections

Editor’s Note: The Brookings Cafeteria podcast will release new episodes on the issues shaping the 2018 midterms every Tuesday and Friday leading up to Election Day. You can follow the series where we list all episodes of the Cafeteria podcast, and visit our 2018 Midterms page for more research and analysis on the upcoming elections.

In the first episode of a special series on the 2018 midterm elections, Senior Fellow John Hudak describes some of the issues shaping the upcoming midterm elections and what common narratives around the elections are not supported by data.

Also in this episode, David Wessel explains the Federal Reserve’s recent decision to raise interest rates and the inherent difficulties in forecasting the economy.

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2018 Midterm Elections

John Hudak

Former Brookings Expert

Director of the Office of Cannabis Policy - Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services

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