Walter Reich, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy, The Brookings Institution
Guest Author

Walter Reich

Former Brookings Expert, Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Professor of International Affairs, Ethics and Human Behavior and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences – George Washington University

Dr. Walter Reich was a nonresident senior fellow in the Foreign Policy program at Brookings, working closely with the Center for Middle East Policy as well as on a project on emerging threats to liberal democracies. With regard to these threats, Dr. Reich has special interests in the rise of nationalism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism; limitations on speech; the degradation of democratic institutions; and self-serving revisions of national historical narratives, especially in Eastern Europe. He is also an expert on the Holocaust, Holocaust memory, and anti-Semitism around the world; the origins of terrorism; human rights; and the psychological and ethical dimensions of human behavior in governmental leadership and in international affairs.

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