Education and AI: Achieving equity and respecting the rights of students  


Education and AI: Achieving equity and respecting the rights of students  
Tim Law
Guest Author

Tim Law

Director – Engaged Consulting

Tim is  an independent consultant with more than 18 years’ experience of tax, governance and transparency policy and implementation. He gained this experience both as an employee of Anglo American plc, a FTSE 100 mining company and as a consultant.

From 2003-14, he led Anglo American’s efforts on revenue transparency, managing virtual teams collating financial and other data across countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has been part of the policy debate around transparency and ethical business behavior for all of that time.

He has developed and run training and capacity building for private sector, government and civil society audiences in different countries, including in anglophone and non-anglophone countries.  He has written content for publication and advised on communication strategy around ethical business behavior and good governance.

He has been an independent consultant for 7 years, operating as Engaged Consulting Limited, and in that time, he has delivered technical assistance projects to countries implementing the EITI Standard, or improved tax, governance, beneficial ownership registers more generally, in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia. In particular, that has included EITI projects in Albania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago.

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