Matthew J Platkin
Guest Author

Matthew J. Platkin

New Jersey Attorney General

Matthew J. Platkin serves as New Jersey’s 62nd Attorney General. As Attorney General, General Platkin has broad oversight of the state’s legal and law enforcement matters. As the head of the Department of Law & Public Safety, the Attorney General supervises a wide range of Divisions, Offices, and Commissions, consisting of over 2,800 uniformed officers, 600 attorneys, and thousands of other public servants.

Since his appointment, Platkin has focused efforts to develop innovative public safety programs like ARRIVE Together through collaboration with law enforcement and community stakeholders, and expanded efforts to combat auto thefts, violent crime, and gun violence. He has stood up for reproductive rights by establishing a Reproductive Rights Strike Force, partnering with the Governor’s Office and Legislature to protect access to reproductive healthcare, and forging a State-Federal partnership to protect abortion care patients and providers.  Platkin has also championed the rights of victims of crime, and launched groundbreaking efforts to end cycles of gun violence and support survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence through the creation of the Division of Violence Intervention and Victim Assistance. Platkin has also entered into historic actions to protect New Jersey consumers and secure New Jerseyans’ civil and housing rights, including suing an historically male-dominated golf club for allegedly engaging in a years’-long pattern of gender-based discrimination, reaching a landmark settlement on redlining practices, enforcing the State’s Fair Chance in Housing Act, bringing a multistate lawsuit for alleged predatory lending practices, launching seven new environmental enforcement actions – six of which seek redress for contamination borne by low-income communities and communities of color, and commencing the investigation of social media platforms in the wake of horrific mass shootings.

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