Guest Author

Carolina Campos

Founder and Executive Director – Vozes da Educação

Carolina Campos is the Founder and Executive Director of Vozes da Educação, a consultancy in Basic Education in Brazil. She is also an Advisor at the Councilor of Movimento pela Base and a professor at CPRE/ Teachers College/Columbia University. Carolina is an educator and lawyer with a master’s degree in public policy and a certificate in educational innovation from Harvard Extension School (HES). She is currently pursuing a certificate in traumatic stress studies from the Trauma Research Foundation. She was Municipal Secretary of Education of Gravatá / PE, Pedagogical Director of ESFAPEGE (Sobral / CE), member of the Mapa Educação Movement Council and researcher associated with Teachers College. She is the founder and Executive Director of Vozes da Educação and a speaker and UNESCO Consultant, with the MEC, on combating violence in schools.

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