News Release

Peter Orszag, Former Economic Advisor to President Clinton, Joins Brookings

August 10, 2001

Peter Orszag,

former special assistant to President Clinton for economic policy and a senior adviser on

the President’s Council of Economic Advisers, joined the Brookings Institution this week as

a senior fellow in the Economic Studies program.

At Brookings, Orszag will focus on Social Security reform and other issues related to entitlement programs, including assessing options for public investment in private assets as it relates to Social Security and fiscal policy. He will also examine issues related to budget policy and politics, climate change, higher education, poverty, and tax policy.

“Peter Orszag brings to our program an impressive range of experience on a wide variety

of public policy subjects,” said Robert Litan, director

of Economic Studies with the Brookings Institution. “We look

forward to publishing his important contributions for many years to come.”

Orszag will join a team of Brookings scholars examining Social Security reform that

includes Henry Aaron, Gary Burtless, Bill

Gale, Kent Weaver, and Bill Frenzel—a member of President Bush’s Social

Security commission.

Orszag’s other professional experience includes serving as the president of Sebago Associates, a California consulting firm specializing in economics and public policy; working as an economic adviser for the Russian government’s Ministry of Finance; and teaching at the University of California at Berkeley.

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