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Brookings Welcomes Back Seyom Brown

September 1, 1999

The Brookings Institution is pleased to announce the return of Professor Seyom Brown, who will join the Foreign Policy Studies program as a Visiting Fellow on September 1, 1999. This expert in international intervention, human rights, and world politics is currently on sabbatical as the Lawrence A. Wien Professor of International Cooperation at Brandeis University.

While at Brookings, Professor Brown will research the relationship between force and diplomacy in the post-Cold War era. He has conducted research on foreign policy and international security issues at the RAND Corporation; the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; the Center for International Affairs, and Harvard University. Brown also served in the Department of Defense and the Department of State during the Johnson administration. A graduate of the University of Southern California and the University of Chicago, Professor Brown is returning to Brookings after an earlier stint as a Senior Fellow, from 1969 to 1976.

“I am happy to welcome Seyom Brown back to Brookings,” said Michael Armacost, president of the Institution. “His research will focus on an overriding issue facing America after the Cold War—the persistent tension between military force and diplomatic means in the conduct of international relations.”

Professor Brown’s publications include Human Rights in World Politics (forthcoming); International Relations in a Changing Global System: Toward a Theory of the World (1996); New Forces, Old Forces, and the Future of World Politics (1995); Faces of Power: Constancy and Change in United States Foreign Policy from Truman to Clinton (1994); and The Causes and Prevention of War (1994).

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