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The Master of Science in Leadership Degree Requirements:

As a Master of Science in Leadership (MS-Leadership) student, you will select courses from our Executive Pathways series offered throughout the year.

25 credits hours at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC

  • MS-Leadership courses are offered as two- or three-day modules
    Two-day courses = 1 credit hour
    Three-day courses = 1.5 credit hours

5 credits at the Olin Business School in St. Louis.

TOTAL: 30 credit hours

Credit for all courses is earned once the final assessment is submitted and graded following the course.

“The experience of learning from and building relationships with Olin professors, Brookings scholars, and thought leaders is second to none. Through these relationships and experiences, I learned about and had the opportunity to discuss innovative and timeless ideas about improving public leadership…It was a transformational experience.” – MS-Leadership Graduate

BEE alumni may be granted credit for up to three courses taken prior to MS-Leadership enrollment. To receive credit you must submit a course assessment and pay the corresponding assessment fee for each course you wish to be granted MS-Leadership credit. Applicable courses are determined on a case-by-case basis.


The MS-Leadership degree is a pay-as-you-go program. There is no yearly tuition or other annual student fee. For FY 2017, MS-Leadership students pay

Two-day course (1 credit): $1,950 course

Three-day course (1.5 credits):  $2,575 course

Five-day course (2.5 credits):  $4,500 course

For additional information MS-Leadership curriculum please contact Specialty Program Manager, Morgan Kaminski, at 202-797-4396 or

Start your MS-Leadership application here. 

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