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Registration Information

How to Register

Register for WashU at Brookings’s executive education courses by phone, email, or online.

Your course registration is not final until your payment is received in full or until an approved government purchase order is received. The registrar will email you written confirmation within 10 business days after your payment and completed registration form are received.

Note: An incomplete registration form will not secure you space in a class.

Registration for all courses closes at 5 p.m. Eastern Time two business days before the class start date.

You may substitute classes for yourself or one of your employees without penalty. All substitution information must be submitted to 48 hours before the course start date. No changes will be permitted after that time frame. WashU at Brookings reserves the right to accept or reject an alternate attendee for offerings that require a minimum level of management experience.

Payment methods

  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card
  • Government purchase card (International Merchant Purchase Authorization Card)
  • Check (made payable to Washington University in St. Louis: Tax ID No.: 43-0653611)
  • Approved government purchase order (Sample)
  • Money order
  • Wire transfer

Tuition and course dates are subject to change without notice.

Online registration

Online registration allows you to streamline the registration process. You can register yourself or other individuals quickly and easily and make payments, update your profile, generate invoices and verify enrollment. Click the “register” button for any course listed on the website. Click here to review 5 Easy Steps to Register Online

If your payment method is an approved government purchase order, you may register online and submit a copy of the completed purchase order to

Cancellations and absence policy

Penalties apply for classes cancelled within a specific time period prior to the course dates (outlined in the chart below). If you miss any class day or portion of a program because of weather, illness or other circumstances, WashU at Brookings is unable to reimburse you for any part of the course tuition or offer complementary participation in any subsequent iteration. The policy also applies to cohort programs.

For all programs held in Washington, D.C.:

Business days
before program 
Substitutions*  Transfer fee  Cancellation fee
30 days or more Yes*  None None
15 to 29 days Yes* 25% of original cost 50% of original cost
2-14 days Yes* 50% of original cost 100% of original cost
1 day  Not permitted N/A 100% of original cost

LEGIS Fellowship

Business days
before program
Substitutions*  Cancellation fee
 14 days or less No 50% of original cost

* Provided the substitute meets the stipulated GS or SES level.

All requests for cancellations, substitutions or transfers must be made in writing. You may e-mail


Participant substitutions are allowed without penalty for non-cohort programs up until two (2) business days prior to the program start date and are strongly encouraged in circumstances in which an original participant is unable to attend his or her scheduled program. However, WashU at Brookings reserves the right to accept or reject a substitute for programs requiring minimum management levels.


A participant may elect to transfer out of a program and into another once, and only once. However, as shown above, if notification of a transfer is received after indicated deadlines, fees will be incurred and the participant will be billed accordingly. A transferee will have a period of 12 months from the date of his or her transfer request to attend a subsequent program, after which time tuition credits will be forfeited.

A transferee will be required to pay any tuition fee increases that occur in the time between the program he or she was originally scheduled to attend, and the program into which he or she transfers. In addition, a transferee must pay the full price for his or her substitute program, even if a discount was applied to the initial registration. Payment of any difference is expected at the time a transfer request is submitted for registration.


Cancellations submitted after deadlines will be subject to the fees specified above and participants will be billed in accordance with these policies. Additional charges may be assessed in cases where educational materials were mailed out prior to receiving a cancellation notice. Participants who do not notify us of a cancellation and who fail to arrive for the program in which they are registered will forfeit the full program fee.


If you miss any class day or portion of a program because of weather, illness or other circumstances, WashU at Brookings is unable to reimburse you for any part of the program tuition or offer complimentary participation in any subsequent iteration. If you fail to attend some or all of your program, you will not be entitled to a certificate of completion. This policy also applies to cohort programs.

Course cancellations

If WashU at Brookings cancels a course for any reason, you are responsible for any travel costs you have incurred. In the event of a class cancellation, every effort will be made to notify you immediately and to find an appropriate course you can transfer into. You will not be charged transfer fees described in the cancellation policy section.

Program locations and times

Unless indicated otherwise, all courses will be held at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C., or at a nearby facility. Classes generally run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Exact times and locations will be included in the final agendas you receive two weeks prior to the class start date.

Inclement weather policy

WashU at Brookings follows the federal government’s policies on inclement-weather closings. If the federal government closes because of bad weather, WashU at Brookings closes too. All scheduled events will be cancelled, and you will not be allowed in the building. If the federal government calls for a delayed opening or offers liberal leave, WashU at Brookings will open on time, and courses will proceed as scheduled.

Program Material

You will receive program materials including an agenda with session times and meeting sites two weeks prior to the program start date. If a program requires prereadings, surveys or information requests for security clearances, these materials also will be supplied. In addition, WashU at Brookings is happy to provide you with a list of recommended hotels.

Privacy policy

WashU at Brookings and its partner institutions — the Brookings Institution and Washington University in St. Louis — value your private information. They will not share personal data with third parties, except when required. By providing your information, you agree to allow WashU at Brookings to communicate with you unless otherwise indicated in writing. You may opt out of these communications at any time.


WashU at Brookings reserves the right to use photos taken during its events and activities for promotional purposes. Photographs occasionally are taken during classes, but if you do not want to be photographed, you can inform the staff.

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